Bind Your Heart-New Release

Released January 2023

Bind My Heart

LGBTQIA/Romance/MATURE Young Adult


The silence was only broken by the sound of a lone cawing crow in the only place I now found solitude and sanctuary. It flew uncomfortably close to me before settling on the gravestone that had held my attention. His feathers glistened as they were hit by the dwindling sun. They shone purple and green as its Bowie knife pecked at the lichen. A feeling of comfort washed over me as I breathed in a deep, calming breath. I knew she was with me but was grateful that her grave remained unmarked. She should remain alive in the trees and the birds, not rotting beneath the earth.

I watched as the avian critic mocked my grief before flying back to the tree branches that appeared sinister with the absence of foliage. He tended to his nest of dry winter branches surrounding the churchyard floor. A chill wind blew around my bare neck and face making my nose slightly moist as it caressed my face. Whilst wrapping my wool cloak closer to my slight frame, I shuddered; though I had no intention of leaving, I deserved this. I deserved to feel this pain and anguish both internally and externally. I should be in the ground, not her. At least I knew her body was in the trees, whereas mine was in hell; my suffering was my only conciliation.

A compelling coming-of-age tale of sexual ambiguity and awakening. When a shy new girl joins the local school, she is unaware of the dramatic effect and impacts her presence causes. A story charged with romance and sexual taboo, longing, and loss. We follow the exploits and journeys of the heroes as they take their chosen paths through adolescence, new freedoms, and desires.

“No heart? Really? You think? Of course, I am different now. You changed me; you broke me! Walked away from me, making me question everything and everyone. I was a mess! So, I learned to fight back and disengage for my own protection and sanity.

Yes, I have changed. I never want to feel that vulnerable again. So, excuse me if I do not placate you with pleasantries about some cheap noodles you found at the back of my cupboard. First, you destroyed my faith in humanity, and then you waltzed back into my world with the feeble excuse that you were confused!”

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