Close My Eyes

Released February 27/10/22

Close My Eyes

Adult Romance/Gothic/Horror

What should be the start of a perfect new beginning for a couple of newlyweds takes a sinister turn upon discovering a bizarre item in their new home. Escapism to find an existence away from harsh reality finds the bride fighting for her life as she treads the fine line between love and hate. Will the house that contains even more secrets than the couple that dwell there provide her with the answers she never thought she required?


“THAT IS ENOUGH! I HAVE PUT UP WITH YOUR SNIDE PUT-DOWNS, YOUR CYANIDE-LACED REMARKS AND YOUR CONSTANT ATTEMPTS TO DEGRADE ME. I WILL NOT STAND HERE AND SUFFER ANYMORE. NORMALLY IT IS FOR YOUR AUDIENCE, BUT WE ARE ALONE. WHO IS IT FOR NOW?” Tish trembled in fear as his grip tightened with every word, and he lifted her from the floor. She could feel her cheeks flush with frustrated heat as she struggled to free herself. She pretended to choke so he would loosen his grip, to hear an answer to his questions. “EH? WHERE IS YOUR FUCKING AUDIENCE? WHY CARRY ON THE CHARADE WHEN IT IS JUST THE US?”

She was beginning to look cyanosed around her parted lips, hungry for oxygen. He pushed her to the wall and watched as she slid down it. She ran her hands around her neck as she coughed, trying to breathe again and feel the damage he had done. “Okay, I made mistakes, and I lost you due to them, isn’t that punishment enough? Why do you need to make me regret every minute of my existence?” Tish couldn’t answer; she tried to back away on her hands and knees, still coughing with tears streaming from the exertion.

Robert felt disgusted at his behaviour and turned his back to her before taking a nearby table. “Wasn’t it enough to marry my best friend? I shouldn’t have stolen from you, I shouldn’t have lied to you, and I shouldn’t have ever loved you the way I do.” She crawled to the bottom of the stairs panting and still clutching her throat. Her eyes lit up at his confession of love, and she was aghast at his proclamation after his actions.

“Love? I don’t know what your idea of love is but all the time I have known you, all that you have ever loved is yourself. You have used the term love to acquire what you desire from them, and once you have it, you toss them away. Used and broken. You have only used poor Emmet the same as you used me. Luckily, he is not the fool you take him for, and he is beginning to see sense with my support!”

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