Cunning Women: Part Two and Three

Released May 14, 2022

Cunning Women: Part Two
(of a Trilogy)

How far will you go for love when facing your demons and fighting your foes? Would you enter another world steeped in myths and legends even if you fear what you might unleash? Will Demelza ever be genuinely vanquished, or will she return? And where do Thebes’ loyalties lie?

Don’t think too long; time is running out.

Available on Amazon in paperback and e-book. Part three available at Amazon

Where does Velda’s devotion lie when choosing to assist in the murder of her confidant and bring back her beloved? Will her conscience be eased when the most powerful witch reveals she’s as duplicitous as she is? Could you comply with the heinous plot to raise Thebes or summon Satan to help assist in your cause? What vengeance will Satan unleash at midnight?